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Umpqua- Southern Oregon Region

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Welcome to Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon is a land of great geographic diversity. Here are the more than 250-million-year-old Klamath Mountains in the south, and to the north and uplifted 50-million-year-old ocean floor and overlying sediments, called “Siletzia” by geologists. To the east is crystal clear crater lake nestled in ancient volcanic Mount Mazama, and beyond it are Basin and Range fault block mountains separated by lakes such as Summer Lake, …

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The Hollering Place

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A strategic site for communication, trade, and travel
Where this marker now stands, the villages of Qaimisiich on this side and El-ka-titc on the spit to the west, were close enough to call across the bay for a canoe ride – hence the translation of El-ka-titc, “Hollering Place.” Coos Bay has been a trade and transportation center for thousands of years.
Camp Cast-a-way
In 1852, the chartered schooner “Captain Lincoln” ran aground directly …

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Historical Marker – Pinot Noir

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Richard Sommer & HillCrest Vineyard
Oregon’s successful and widely recognized wine industry can be traced to this place, where Richard Sommer first planted Pinot noir grapes in 1961. The Umpqua and Willamette valleys’ climates and topographies are much like those of European wine regions, but most winemakers of the 1960s believed it was impossible to grow fine wines in Oregon. Sommer, however, recognized the significance of sharing latitude with European winemaking …

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A 3D Viewing Device

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Oregon Caves National Monument Rangers

Gruber and Graves families cutting the ribbon with Oregon Historical Marker Committee Chair, George Forbes

The new Oregon Historical Marker

Born at the Oregon Caves National Monument
The story began at the Oregon Caves in 1938. After taking a tour, William B. Gruber, an Oregon inventor, met Harold J. Graves, the president of postcard company, Sawyer’s Inc.
Double Visionaries — Graves and Gruber
Graves asked Gruber about the device he carried consisting …

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Jedediah Smith

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Jedediah Smith
Jedediah Smith’s explorations in the American West began when he was 21 and lasted until his death at age 32. He crisscrossed the region in search of beaver pelts and new travel routes. His travel journals became a foundation for the first accurate maps of what is now the western United States.
A Life of Exploration
After three years in the Rocky Mountains, Jedediah Smith led trapping expeditions to California in …

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Abigail Scott Duniway

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Abigail Scott Duniway
In 1860, Abigail Jane Scott Duniway and six other women shocked the town of Lafayette by attending a campaign speech by Col. Edward D. Baker, a U.S. Senate candidate. At that time, most people considered it inappropriate for women to take part in any aspect of political life. Age twenty-six at the time, Duniway’s leadership in the act was the first of countless actions for Oregon’s pioneer of woman suffrage.
Startting …

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Philomath College Building
Philomath College was chartered November 1865, as the United Brethren School for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California.  The name combines two Greek words meaning love of learning.  The building’s center structure was completed in September 1867, of bricks made from clay extruded near the building.  The center structure is 40 X 60 feet in 2-feet-thick walls.  The west wing was completed in 1905; the east wing in …

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Central Coast Region

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This marker was made possible by the City of Yachats
Marker Text:
Welcome To the Oregon Coast
The rugged shore of the Central and Northern Oregon Coast is backed by the Coast Range Mountains, remnants of a chain of volcanic islands that collided with the North American continent some 50 million years ago. The Oregon Coast is notable for its basalt headlands, such as Cape Foulweather and Cape Perpetua, and for a succession of …

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Yaquina Bay

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The old Yaquina Bay Lighthouse established in 1871 is the earliest aid to navigation standing within the range of the first recorded landfall made from a ship to the shores of the Pacific Northwest. Captain James Cook made this landfall on March 7, 1778. At noon he named Cape Foulweather. On account of the heavy weather he was compelled to stand out at sea at night and only approach the …

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Williamson River

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Subject:Camp site for the Pacific Railroad survey party in 1855.
A Pacific Railroad Survey party searching for a practicable route for a railroad to connect the Sacramento Valley with the Columbia River passed near this point bound north on August 20, 1855. Lieutenant R.S. Williamson headed the party with 2nd Lieutenant Henry I. Abbot second in command. Among the officers in the Army escort were Lieutenant Phil S. Sheridan and Lieutenant …

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