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Apply to Establish an Historical Marker

The state of Oregon has a rich and varied history. Do you know of a roadside spot with a fascinating geologic or human history?

We establish historical markers for…

Persons who have been dead for a length of time, generally at least 50 years, in order for their ideas, services and/or accomplishments to be placed in an accurate historical perspective, and who made important contributions to the development of Oregon. The importance of the location could have been related to:

  1. Place of birth;
  2. Place of death, (if death was of state or national significance);
  3. Place lived for a substantial period of time at a permanent residence;
  4. Place where they performed some act of state or national significance; or
  5. Place that represents a significant cultural group in Oregon.

Groups who made important social, political, and economic contributions to the historic development of Oregon. The location may be associated with a particularly important leader or member, home base of the group, or location of particularly important accomplishment.

Events which took place within Oregon at least 50 years ago, are mentioned in at least one authoritative historical work, and were either:

  1. Military operations;
  2. Meetings with historically important results;
  3. Acts of such historic importance as to have changed the course of state or national history; or
  4. Natural events that had a large impact on the state.


  1. Where an historic event occurred;
  2. That have particular meaning for one or more Tribal communities;
  3. That are associated with an historically important person; or
  4. Are sites of significant exploration and re-settlement.

Geologic features, which are generally within one mile of the marker site and/or are visible from the site, and are:

  1. Of state or national historic significance;
  2. Unique to Oregon or the Northwest, e.g. deepest, widest, first, last, oldest, etc;
  3. Illustrate hazards, e.g., volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, which are of continuing concern; and/or
  4. Are exemplary examples of natural events or formations.

How to apply for the establishment of a new marker

You will need to fill out an application for your marker. The pre-application is found below, in the Technical Resources section.

Technical Resources

We encourage marker nomination, so feel free to complete the application and return it to us at any time throughout the year.

Nomination Form: Download the Oregon Historical Marker Application in PDF.

Printed and completed applications should be mailed to: TIC Historical Marker Program, Suite 150, 1500 Liberty St SE, Salem, OR 97302. You may also email a filled-in form (requires Adobe Pro software on your computer) back to the office.

To read PDF files, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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