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Oregon Historical Markers

About Historical Markers

Markers may be placed to commemorate people, places, events, and geological features. Markers are traditionally placed near roadsides as an educational feature for motorists traveling on our highways.

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Historical Marker Map

Browse this map to find out more about the Historical Markers throughout the state of Oregon.

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Establish a Marker

The state of Oregon has a rich and varied history. Do you know of a roadside spot with a fascinating geologic or human history?

We’re always looking for new (old!) sites to establish these beautiful historic icons.

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Sponsor a Marker

OTIC’s Heritage Programs seek sponsors for our series of historical markers. Oregon Historical Markers are designed to encourage motorists to stop and explore the state‚Äôs diverse regional history, culture and geology. We need your help to preserve them for future generations. Potential sites include public parks, welcome centers and rest areas along major highways.

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