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About Historical Markers

Abigail Scott Duniway Historical Marker

The Travel Information Council is the state’s official administrator of the Oregon Historical Marker Program. Oregon’s historical markers tout a history all their own—many of the famous Port Orford cedar “Beaver Boards” were built by the Oregon Department of Transportation in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

TIC adopted the program in 1991 and works with a team of dedicated volunteers in preserving the signs for future generations. The program is steered by the Oregon Historical Marker Committee, which is staffed by volunteer professionals involved in Oregon forestry, geology, and historical and cultural research.

In addition to members of the marker committee, the program relies on another important group of volunteers—volunteer master craftsmen based within a West Salem retirement community. The “Salemtowne Historical Marker Volunteers” could easily be called a linchpin of the program. The group of approximately 10 men ensure that over 110 Historical Markers remain in good condition. Given the age of many of the markers, this is a supreme task.

Oregon Historical Marker Committee

Members of the Historical Marker Committee bring their vision to the table alongside their expertise in the fields of geology, history, education, archaeology and traffic safety. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact us for more information.

The following members serve Oregon proudly:

Gwenn Baldwin, Chris Bell, Kelly Cannon-Miller, Eliza Canty-Jones, Nancy DeSouza, George Forbes, Bob Garcia, Robert Keeler, Charlotte Lehan, David Porter, Ed Washington

Salemtowne Volunteers

The following volunteers participate in the maintenance, installation, and repair of Oregon’s Historical Markers:

Jack Carroll, Ken Carter, Jack Childers, James Childers, Donald Conrad Jr, Herman Mitzel, Howard Palmer, Noel Stubbs

TIC Marker Admin staff

Annie von Domitz, Program Manager, 503-373-0864.

Jessica Carbone, Program Assistant, 503-373-0155

Technical resources

Nomination: Want to nominate an historical marker? Read more about the two-step process.

Sponsorship: Sponsoring a marker is another option for communities, cities or organizations. Learn more about sponsorship.

Regional markers: Regional markers are collaborative projects between businesses and city or county government and other organizations. The Travel Information Council is actively seeking sponsorship for the Willamette Valley, Eastern Oregon and other locations across the state. Visit our regional marker page for more information.

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