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About Us

About Oregon Travel Information Council

You’ve known us for 40 years . Our feet are planted firmly on the dotted line of the transportation industry. We help you make the connections to essential services and provide comfortable and convenient places to refresh.

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Oregon Travel Information Council

TIC is the governing body of Oregon Travel Information Council. It is composed of eight volunteer members appointed by the Governor and a member of the Oregon Transportation Commission.

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Oregon Travel Information Council Staff

Oregon Travel Information Council employees are committed to meeting high standards of excellence as part of their daily jobs. Most of all, they’re here to serve the public. Please contact us with your questions and comments.

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Oregon Travel Information Council Partners

Oregon Travel Information Council’s programs rely on the work of our partner agencies and the community.

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Information Center

Are you interested in attending a quarterly council meeting and participating in public comment? Are you curious about what our sign customers say? View our newsletters, meetings, reports and other information.

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Performance Measures

How exactly do we know if we are on target with our performance at our public rest areas? The Council has implemented a set of metrics that help guide the services we deliver and show accountability. View a slide presentation of our initial rest area performance metrics.

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