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The Dalles to Canyon City Wagon Road

Posted on: September 25th, 2011 in Historical Marker Details |

The John Day River (called Walla Walla – little river) area was the original homeland to several tribal villages known today as the Warm Springs and Umatilla tribes.  The tribes settled this area due to the wealth of water, salmon, eels, plant foods, and game. 

The discovery of gold at Canyon Creek in 1862 brought a rush of new people into the area.  Within a year, nearly 10,000 fortune hunters trekked to gold fields from the nearest access and supply point at The Dalles, over trails that became The Dalles – Canyon City Wagon Road. Several place-names along this long-standing Indian Trail system remain on record and are referred to by their historical names by the elders in the Warm Springs community.

Visit this marker in front of the Antelope Community Center.