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Posted on: September 25th, 2011 in Historical Marker Details |

Subject:Originally Lee’s Encampment, later site of the Mountain House. Honored by visit of President Harding in 1923.


First known as Lee’s Encampment, from establishment of a Troop Camp by Major H.A.G. Lee in 1844. A.B. and Harvey Meacham operated famous Mountain House here which gave the town its present name. In later years a famous railroad eating house. The Log Cabin, became nationally known under the supervision of Grandma Munra, a well-known pioneer figure. On July 3, 1923, reporters noted Meacham was capitol of the U.S. for a day when President Harding stopped and participated in the exercises commemorating the Eightieth Anniversary of the Covered Wagon Migration 1843.



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