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Beacon Rock

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 in Historical Marker Audio Tours, Historical Marker Details |

Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock is a monolith, the core of a young volcano that erupted around 57,000 years ago. It is claimed to be the second largest free-standing monolith in the world. Lewis and Clark named it Beacon Rock in 1805. Native tribes and Lewis and Clark recognized that Beacon Rock marked the last of the rapids on the Columbia River and the beginning of tidal influence from the Pacific Ocean, 150 miles away. Henry J. Biddle, a prominent botanist, geologist and engineer, purchased Beacon Rock in 1915 for $1 and built a trail to the top 1916-1918, an engineering marvel at the time with 51 switchbacks, handrails and bridges. Washington State established Beacon Rock as a park in 1935.

Hwy/milepost: I-84 MP 40

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