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Moyer House Linden / Wisteria

Posted on: March 29th, 2024 in Heritage Tree Details |

Tillia americana / Wisteria floribunda

This wisteria vine and its companion linden tree, whose “partnership” is a local landmark, were planted in approximately 1881 by Brownsville entrepreneurs John and Elizabeth Moyer. With its distinctive braided trunk, the wisteria relies on the linden tree for support and to vividly display its profuse spring blossoms. It is the success of this long-standing partnership that makes them a unique addition to the Oregon Heritage Tree Program.

Tree Facts

  • Height: 55′
  • Circumference: Linden 90″ / Wisteria 135″
  • Approx. Age: 142 years
  • Dedicated: April 26, 2024

Visit This Tree

The tree and vine are located in the NE corner of the Moyer House front yard at 297 Main Street Brownsville, Oregon. Visit Linn County’s website for information on tours of the interior of the historic house.