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Ellmaker Grove

Posted on: October 31st, 2014 in Heritage Tree Details |

The trees that make up the Ellmaker Grove include the 300-400 year old Ellmaker Oak and numerous large big leaf maples that were planted by the Ellmmaker family, a large incense cedar that sheltered the family’s cattle at night and during foul weather.  The first owners of the land and hence the trees were the Zumwalt family, who obtained a Donation Land Claim for the property around 1852.  Just four years later they sold the land to Enos and Elizabeth Fisher Ellmaker.  The Ellmakers moved their family to the land and remained for over 80 years until the Army Corps of Engineers began buying up land to create Fern Ridge Reservoir in the early 1940’s

Of particular historical significance was the proximity of the Ellmaker Ranch to the Applegate Trail.  The Ellmakers planted a row of maple trees, which they called “Maple Row” leading from the wide Applegate Trail to their smithy. Although in decline, some of those old maple trees still stand today along the north side of the old parking lot in the center of Zumwalt Park.  The Ellmaker family became successful ranchers and helped other settlers traveling along the Applegate Trail by providing a smithy.

Location:  Zumwalt Park, near the town of Veneta in Lane County, north of Hwy 126
Ellmaker Oak:
Age: 300+
Circumference: 178.4”
Height: 76
Crown spread: 97’
Dedication Ceremony: April 11, 2014