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Eddyville Redwood

Posted on: August 22nd, 2022 in Heritage Tree Details |

Sequoia sempervirens— Commonly known as the “The Giant Tree in Straight-a-Way”

In 1870, Israel Fisk Eddy purchased land that is now Eddyville and built a sawmill and gristmill, using a small dam on the Yaquina River to supply the power. He is known as the founder of Eddyville and is also known for his fondness of trees. According to a local publication, “Eddy had a fine orchard in Eddyville. One man remembers coming from North Lincoln County as a boy and camping at Eddy’s orchards while his family picked boxes of apples to store for winter.”

Additional local legend traces the origin of the Eddyville Redwood specifically to Eddy: “Israel also loved to travel. On one horseback trip to California, he brought back several redwood trees. One redwood stands on former Eddy land and marks the entrance to the remaining Eddy property. It is located on the north edge of Crystal Creek Road (formerly Highway 20) on the straight stretch in the road just west of the Eddyville post office. The redwoods around Chitwood, at Thornton Creek, may also have been planted by him.”

Tree Facts

  • Height: 130′
  • Diameter: 24′
  • Crown Spread: 40′
  • Planted: 1800s

Visit This Tree

The Eddyville Redwood is located on property owned by Starker Forests, Inc., and can be viewed via public easement at 6144 Crystal Creek Loop in Eddyville, Oregon.