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Captain Flavel Trees

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 in Heritage Tree Audio Tours, Heritage Tree Details |

Captain George Flavel was a noted bar pilot and entrepreneur in Clatsop County. His piloting business and other investments helped in the development of Astoria. Flavel’s 1886 Queen Anne style house now stands as a historical museum, inseparable from the beautiful landscaping that surrounds it.

The Captain Flavel Trees are nine trees originally planted by the family gardener, Louis Schultz. The grove consists of a giant sequoia, ginko, Camperdown elm, bay laurel, pear, and four cork elms. The Captain had acquired most of these unique trees from his many voyages to places all over the world, his beautiful grounds reflecting his love of trees and nature.

Tree Facts

  • Planted in: Approx. 1900
  • Dedicated on: April 9, 2004

Visit this tree

The Flavel Trees can be found surrounding the Historic Flavel House at 441 8th Street in Astoria.

Captain Flavel Trees Audio Tour