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June 2011 Historical Marker Committee meeting minutes

Posted on: November 2nd, 2011 in Meetings & Reports |

The following is an excerpt from the June 7, 2011 Historical Marker Committee meeting minutes: The second application came from the southern coast meeting held in August 2010 which stimulated interest in a marker celebrating the Hollering Place outside of Coos Bay. This is an excellent partnership with the Tribe. The committee felt the concept should move forward. George Forbes and Eliza Canty-Jones will serve on a subcommittee to move the marker process forward. It was recommended that Bill Robbins or Steve Beckham be advisors to the subcomittee. (Link to the full text by using the “read more” link below.)

Read the full text of the June 2011 minutes (PDF) Historical Marker meeting minutes, June 2011