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The heritage of a farm’s trees

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 in News & Press |

Oregon Heritage Tree summer gallery

At their 2015 summer meeting, the Oregon Heritage Tree Committee met at the farm of the late Peter McDonald. McDonald was a former long-time tree committee member. His century-old hazelnut farm was the perfect meeting spot for heritage tree lovers. Jill McDonald (McDonald’s wife) invited the committee to meet on the veranda that overlooks the Willamette River from the old farm house.

Committee members were ushered around the property by William, the McDonald’s wire-haired terrier. Oregon Travel Information Council Members Charlotte Lehan and Ed Washington were interviewed by OTE about their contributions to Oregon history and OTE’s heritage programs. A memorial bench crafted by tree committee member Doug Grafe now overlooks the dappled lawn and old-growth Douglas firs—where at McDonald’s request—his ashes were laid to rest.

Links to more on OTE’s Heritage Programs

  • Find out more about committee activities by visiting our meeting and minutes page to review the heritage program’s meeting agendas, proposed nominations, and minutes.

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