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Surge in Oregon road travel equals new business

Posted on: June 23rd, 2016 in News & Press |

teen drivingAs the weather improves, Oregonians turn their thoughts towards outdoor activities. Many of these prospective vacationers will plan road trips far in advance—performing online research and outlining the perfect route to their chosen destinations. They’ll schedule stopping points for meals and driving breaks, and collect travel brochures and other tourism publications that invite them to explore nearby points of interest.

Many Americans  will take to the open highway this season during their time off from school and work. Those numbers spell great returns for Oregon tourism and travel related businesses. During summer drive-time, thousands of brochures, travel magazines, hotel coupon-books and other publications find their way into the hands of Oregon’s travelers.

How we help your publications “disappear” into the right hands

Oregon Travel Experience (OTE) manages nine travel information kiosks across the state. The majority are located within OTE-supervised rest areas where millions of travelers stop to rest and refresh. We can help your business connect with rest area visitors and motorists by strategically placing your publications and display panels into our wayside and rest area kiosks.

Kiosk placement is a highly visible alternative to standard or digital advertising. Most brochure permits start at around $10 a month (for non-profit organizations such as tourism and visitor associations or museums and historic sites) to about $20 per month for commercial travel-related services (such as hotels, local tourism attractions, restaurants, and RV sites).

Partnering to deliver optimal results

In 2015 OTE refurbished a travel information kiosk at the northbound I-5 French Prairie Rest Area. Our inter-agency partnership with Clackamas County and Mt. Hood Territory tested the use of digital technology for the first-time within an Oregon rest area.

The new digital kiosk at northbound French PrairieThe electronic kiosk is operated and maintained by Clackamas County tourism officials. Travelers use the device to search for local attractions, lodging, food, and other motorist-related services. An array of attractive publication racks frame the touch-screen console, and are visible from all sides of the kiosk.

The kiosk is located alongside the main vending area and restrooms—and near a steady parade of visitors. Over four million travelers pass through the French Prairie Rest Area each year—more than Oregon’s entire population. Videos of local Mt. Hood activities illuminate the kiosk and beckon travelers to find out more. A similar kiosk was installed at our Government Camp Rest Area.

If you need gateway exposure to your business, French Prairie’s northbound rest area kiosk is highly visible and accessible to travelers heading towards Portland, Mt. Hood, the Oregon Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and Eastern Oregon.

Ready to attract new customers?

Let us help you maximize your outreach budget and help new customers find you. For more information about OTE’s travel information kiosks, location, pricing, and production, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) kiosk page on our website https://oregontic.com/for-businesses/rest-areas/information-kiosk-faq/ and the panel display FAQs at https://oregontic.com/for-businesses/rest-areas/information-kiosk-map-and-rates/.

Our goal is to deliver an effortless permit-process, from application to installation. Telephone OTE’s Sue VanHandel at 503-373-0086 or email suev@oregonte.com. Sue will help you select kiosk locations that make the most sense for your business.