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Find Your Signs – FAQ

How do I get my “Customer ID”?

If you have one of OTIC’s sign invoices in front of you, it’s easy. Look in the upper-right corner of your invoice and it is located underneath the Invoice Number, under the Due Date box. Be sure to include the “C” when entering in your Customer ID.

If you don’t have an OTIC sign invoice handy, contact our office and we will find your Customer ID for you. Providing us with your business name and facility street address will help us locate your Customer ID. If you need assistance, email Sue VanHandel or telephone 503-378-4508.

Why do some (or all) of my signs not show up on the map?

Signs only show up on the map after we have recorded GPS coordinates for them. Sometimes it will take a few months for us to receive the GPS coordinates for newly installed signs.

We have over 8,000 highway signs scattered across this big beautiful state. When our signs are installed in remote places, we have to send a crew out to record its location. At any given time, there are probably about 100 signs that we don’t yet have GPS coordinates for. For new sign installments, you will receive color photos of your new signs by mail within three months, even if we don’t yet have GPS coordinates for them.

In some cases, when your signs are located close to one another, you may only be able to see the marker-icons for your signs once you have zoomed the map in closer.

Why are some of my sign marker-icons different colors?

The sign marker-icon’s color is used to indicate what “service” is represented on the sign. Most signs are a single service (e.g. “Food”) and all markers for that service will have the same color on the map. Some signs are multi-service (e.g. “Food/Lodging”). These multi-service signs will have their own distinct color. If you had a “food” facility, it might have plaques on both “Food” boards and “Food/Lodging” boards…resulting in markers of two different colors. There are a few other types of signs, like generic service signs, which will also have distinct colors. The service for, a particular facility, is listed in italics next to their facility name.

What else can this map do?

Your signs are displayed on a fully functional Google map. You can zoom in and out, drag it around, and even use the street view functionality (just drag the little orange person icon onto the location you want to view). This map can also be toggled between a regular map view and a satellite view.

Clicking on your sign’s marker-icon will display information about that sign including: Sign Board ID (can be matched with the numbers in the Hwy MP column on your sign invoice), Service, Lat/Long, Travel Direction, and a list of all the businesses that are represented on that sign board.

Why don’t I see the other sign boards that are on the same post?

Clicking on the “Find My Signs” button only brings up TIC sign boards which either display one of your plaques (logo boards) or have your facility’s name printed on it ( “TOD” or “Museum” signs). Sometimes signs that list a generic service, like “Lodging” are also shown as attributed to a particular customer.

Why don’t I see my sign in Street View?

The images, in Google’s street view, are not live images. They are obtained by Google driving all those roads and creating 360-degree images.  Often the images were created by Google several years back.

How do I close Street View?

There is an “X” box in the upper right-hand corner of the Street View image. Simply click on the X.