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Nyberg Chestnut

Posted on: September 24th, 2011 in Heritage Tree Details |

Castanea sativa

The Nyberg Chestnut was part of a 150 tree mixed orchard that was planted around 1903 and owned by John Nyberg, an immigrant from Sweden. When Interstate 5 was being built, the Nyberg home and orchard were located on the highway right-of-way and had to be moved and most of the orchard was destroyed. But when a bulldozer came to topple the chestnut, John stood in front of the tree and stopped the machine. Due to his efforts this tree became one of only a few Oregon trees located on the original I-5 right-of-way that was saved from demolition during construction of the highway.

Tree Facts

  • Approx. height: 65′
  • Planted in: 1903
  • Circumference: 14′
  • Dedicated on: April 13, 2002
  • Crown: 70′

Visit this tree

The Nyberg Chestnut is located on the west side of Interstate 5 at the Nyberg Road interchange (exit 289) in Tualatin.


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