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2022 Deep Roots Available Now!

Posted on: May 18th, 2022 in News & Press, Roadways and Waysides |

While a lot of the events and projects were put on hold for most of the past two years the Historical Markers and Heritage Tree programs have been hard at work still looking for interesting and diverse stories of Oregon’s history to tell. It was quite a task to try and condense all of the amazing work being done by these committees and community volunteers into four pages, but we think it turned out pretty great and we would love to share it with you.

Some of its articles include:

The Beaver Hill Mine: A diverse coal mine town (Yes, I didn’t know there was coal in Oregon either.) that once was home to up to 60% of Oregon’s African American population.

The Smith Farm Walnut: A lasting legacy of how local communities used waterways as the fastest method of travel before paved roads and as this walnut tree as a landmark for water travel and community gatherings.

This publication holds information about the latest events and news concerning both TIC heritage programs and is available from our office in hard copy. You can also download and view it in the following PDF format.

Be sure to call us at 503-378-4508 or email us with your request. This is a free but limited publication.